Written Standards

Public Comment: Written Standards (Version 2.0)



The LA BOSCOC is seeking public feedback on the revisions proposed in its Written Standards (Version 2.0).

The Written Standards guide projects that provide housing and services to people experiencing homelessness in the LA BOSCOC. They establish community-wide expectations, minimum standards for project quality, and transparency about fund expenditures.

All CoC Program and ESG projects are required to implement these Written Standards.

Certain items have been highlighted for specific attention. These items were highlighted because they are either a significant change from previous practices or will significantly impact one or more project types.


A full list of changes can be found in Appendix C, “Change Log.”

All CoC Program and ESG projects are impacted by these changes. The LA BOSCOC advises all providers to carefully review them.

Accessing the document

Click here to download the Written Standards (Version 2.0) draft.

How to provide public comment

Please submit public comments by email to Gordon Levine, Continuum of Care Manager, or Addie Duval, Written Standards Committee Chair.

Public comments will be accepted through 4 PM on September 18, 2019.