Forms, Policies, and Procedures

The LA BOSCOC creates forms, policies, and procedures that HUD requires certain projects to use. Those projects include those funded by the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program, the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program, and certain other projects funded by HUD, SAMHSA, the Veteran's Administration, or the Louisiana Housing Corporation.

Governance Documents

Governance Charter (v4.0) - defines the basic aspects and functions of the CoC, including its geography and governance structure. (Click here for a searchable PDF of the Governance Charter.)


Regional Board Seat Election Process - defines how each Region elects its member to the CoC's Board of Directors.


Youth Action Board Charter - defines the powers, responsibilities, and scope of the CoC's Youth Action Board.


Program Standards (v0.9) - requirements for many aspects of program delivery for projects funded by the CoC Program, ESG, and others.


HMIS Comparable Databases Policy - requirements for HMIS comparable databases for victim services and legal services providers

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures (v2.0) - detailed outline of the CoC's Coordinated Entry System


APR Submission Process - guide for CoC Program projects that are required to submit Annual Performance Reports (APRs) to HUD


Coordinated Entry Request for Referrals - form submitted by any project to request referrals from Coordinated Entry


Coordinated Entry Workflow - guide to resolving (receiving, approving/rejecting, returning) a referral from Coordinated Entry in HMIS