DV Working Group Outcomes - June 16, 2019


The DV Working Group met on June 16, 2019.



  • Delma Porter, Southwest Louisiana Law Center (Chair)

  • Gail Gowland, St. Bernard Battered Women’s Program

  • Pam Hutcheson, Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • Trashica “Keysha” Robinson, IRIS Domestic Violence Shelter

  • Tammara Crawford and Krysta Heathcock, Empower 225

  • Antiqua Hunter, Louisiana Department of Education (by phone)


  • Gordon Levine, Aundrea Braniff, Clay Boykin, Louisiana Housing Corporation

CoC Manager’s Introduction

The CoC Manager presented his vision for this meeting and this Working Group: that during this meeting, the group would set its intentions for the next 12 months, review and approve the referral form from EmpowerDB to HMIS, and hold biennial elections for its chair.

Referral Form

By general acclamation, the Working Group approved the EmpowerDB-to-HMIS Referral Form. This Form will be submitted to the Coordinated Entry Committee for review, then submitted to the Board for final approval.

Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures v2.0 Discussion

The Working Group discussed many of the changes implemented in the Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures v2.0 (CES P&P 2.0), particularly the 30-day wait requirement. Many of the providers presented made the case that the 30-day wait will lengthen the amount of time people fleeing DV spend waiting to enter housing; the CoC Manager requested data to support that position and committed to reviewing the CES P&P in light of that data. LCADV committed to collecting that data from providers, while the CoC Manager and LCADV jointly committed to discussing the issue further with national technical assistance providers.

DV Working Group Chair

By general acclamation, the Working Group selected Trashica “Keysha” Robinson from IRIS as its new Chair.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held by conference call. The next meeting has not yet been scheduled. To join this Working Group or be informed about its next meeting, please contact Gordon Levine, CoC Manager, at glevine@lhc.la.gov, or Trashica “Keysha” Robinson, Working Group Chair, at krobinson@stopdv.org.