LA BOSCOC General Meeting Outcomes - April 1, 2019


The general membership of the LA BOSCOC met in person in Baton Rouge on April 1, 2019.



  • Alexandria Veterans Administration Medical Center

  • Amerihealth Caritas

  • Calcasieu Parish Police Jury

  • Calcasieu Parish School Board

  • Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless

  • Capital Area United Way

  • Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana

  • Empower 225

  • Education and Treatment Center (ETC)

  • HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two (HAART)

  • Healthy Blue

  • Joseph Homes

  • Liberty Dwelling

  • Laurant-Lewis Consultancy

  • Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • Louisiana Department of Education

  • Louisiana Housing Corporation

  • Maison des Ami

  • O’Brien House

  • Options Villa

  • Our Lady of the Lake

  • Particular Council of St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge, the

  • Salvation Army of Baton Rouge

  • Start Corporation

  • St. Bernard Battered Women’s Place

  • South Central Louisiana Human Services Association

  • Southwest Louisiana Law Center

  • Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government

  • United Way of SWLA

  • Veterans Administration

  • Youth Oasis

Governance Charter v4.0

The general membership voted unanimously to approve the LA BOSCOC Governance Charter v4.0. Significant changes include:

  • Clarifies and provides additional structure for LA BOSCOC voting;

  • Added several sidebars to answer common questions in plain language (e.g. “Who Actually Belongs to the CoC?”);

  • Requires each Regional Subcommittee to develop a street outreach plan;

  • Explicitly clarifies the authority of each of the CoC’s governing authorities (the general membership, the committees, and the Board); broadly:

    • General membership: approves the Governance Charter, which defines the powers of the committees and the Board;

    • Committees: complete tasks specified in the Governance Charter; review and approve policies to recommend to the Board for final approval;

    • Board: complete tasks specified in the Governance Charter; provide final approval for policies recommended by the committees;

  • Board Chair and Board Vice Chair are now elected from the Board’s membership.

The full text document can be found here: