Written Standards Updated


The LA BOSCOC Board has voted to approve a new version of its Written Standards, the Louisiana Balance of State Continuum of Care Program Standards (v0.9).

Vote Details

The vote was proposed by the Continuum of Care Manager. The Written Standards were reviewed and passed up to the board by the Written Standards Committee. The LA BOSCOC Board voted via email. The voting period was 9/10/18 to 9/11/18. The vote passed 6-0.


The following changes were approved:

  • Updated the geography covered by the Written Standards to refer to the Governance Charter;

  • Added non-discrimination requirements language;

  • Added language regarding education services for youth and children;

  • Created an Emergency Transfer Policy to meet Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) requirements;

  • Reformatted to require only the Board Chair or Vice-Chair’s signature, not signatures from the entire Board membership.


The Written Standards (v0.9) can be found here: https://laboscoc.org/policies-and-procedures