Public Comment: Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures Version 2.1



The LA BOSCOC is seeking public feedback on the revisions proposed in its Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures Version 2.1.


A full list of changes can be found in the new “Appendix D: Change Log” section of the document.

Key changes include:

  • The Board is now empowered to exempt certain older CoC Program projects from some of the document’s requirements;

  • People fleeing human trafficking are no longer required to receive Intervention or wait 30 days before receiving the VI-SPDAT and access to the Prioritization List;

  • The document clarifies how Access Points should attempt to recontact participants and when they should exit uncontactable participants from the BoS CES project in HMIS;

  • The document outlines how projects dedicated to people experiencing chronic homelessness (i.e. primarily PSH projects) should fill beds if no people experiencing chronic homelessness can be contacted.

Accessing the document

Click here to download the Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures v2.1 draft.

How to provide public comment

Please submit public comments by email to Aundrea Braniff, Coordinated Entry Specialist.

Public comments will be accepted through 4 PM on August 30, 2019.