Funding Year 2018 CoC Program Competition Debriefing


During the FY18 CoC Program Competition, the LA BOSCOC scored 177.75 out of 200 total points.

The median score for all CoCs was 160. 

The weighted average score for all CoCs was 166.75. (This is the average CoC score weighted by Annual Renewal Demand [ARD]. CoCs that scored higher than the weighted average were more likely to gain funding relative to their ARD, also known as the total dollar amount of their renewal projects; CoCs that scored lower were more likely to lose funding relative to their ARD.)

The debriefing highlighted fourteen "high priority" CoC Application questions. The LA BOSCOC scored perfectly or near-perfectly on twelve out of fourteen questions. Of the remaining questions (exits to permanent housing and returns to homelessness), the LA BOSCOC scored 10.5/11 and 6/8 respectively.

FY18 is the first year in which the LA BOSCOC scored among the highest-scoring CoCs in the nation and the second consecutive year in which the LA BOSCOC's score is higher than the weighted average score.

Performance over time

The LA BOSCOC was founded in Funding Year 2015 (FY15). Since FY15, the average and median scores across all CoCs have remained steady, while the LA BOSCOC's score has risen significantly.

CoC Program Competition Scores.png


Under the FY18 CoC Program Competition, the LA BOSCOC applied for and received:

  • $16,786,308 in renewal funding for existing projects

  • $1,093,851 in new project funding

The LA BOSCOC received all renewal funding request, all new project funding requested through the Permanent Housing Bonus, and a significant portion of the new project funding requested through the DV Bonus.