Good Standing

The following CoC member organizations are considered to be in Good Standing.


All organizations on this list currently meet all of the following criteria:

  • They have attended at least one of the most recent two semiannual LA BOSCOC General Meetings;

  • They are active members of at least one LA BOSCOC committee, subcommittee, working group, or the Board; and,

  • They participated in the most recent sheltered or unsheltered Point in Time (PIT) Count.


Organizations on this list enjoy the following benefits:

  • They can be certified to apply for funding through the CoC Program, ESG, and many other funding sources;

  • They can vote as part of the LA BOSCOC general membership.

Organizations in Good Standing

The LA BOSCOC maintains a dynamic list of organizations in Good Standing with details about their attendance records and other Good Standing-related activities.

The LA BOSCOC Committee and Attendance List can be accessed by clicking this link.