Funding Year 2017 Homelessness Data

Every year in January, the LA BOSCOC conducts a Point in Time (PIT) Count. Part census and part outreach event, the PIT Count is both an opportunity to connect outreach workers with people experiencing literal homelessness and to count how many people are experiencing homelessness, and in what ways, in the LA BOSCOC. 

Every year, the LA BOSCOC submits system performance measures to HUD. These measures give an overview of how well homeless service providers succeeded at preventing and ending homelessness during the previous year. They also provide another way of looking at how the homeless population is changing and engaging services.

Every year, HUD issues a document summarizing the LA BOSCOC's score in the Continuum of Care Program Competition. It highlights certain high priority questions that reflect HUD's perspective on the LA BOSCOC's overall health and success.